Interestingly, we still use ancient Egyptian terms today. You’d be astonished how pharaonic your language is. Having been originally evolved from ancient Egyptian or from the intermediate Egyptian Coptic language, here are 10 words we still use today. How many do you use?

1) Tabtab “طَبْطَبْ” – To fondle or to pat.

2) Washwish “وَشوِش” –  To whisper.

3) Tannesh “طَنّش” – To forget or ignore.

4) Shibship “شِبشِب” – Meaning slipper.

5) Barrah “بَرّه” – From the ancient Egyptian word “Barr”,  meaning outside or get out.

6) Humm “هَمّ” – To swallow or eat, as in “humm ya gamal.”

7) Mumm “ممّ” – Meaning food, usually used with the kids.

8) Embu “إمبو” – From ancient Egyptian word “Eb-Mo” which means “need-water” or thirsty. (Also used with kids!)

9) Mezaqtat “مِزقطط” – From ancient Egyptian word “zaqtat”, meaning cheerful.

10) Halla “هالّا” – Meaning sweet, as in “min bara Halla Halla w min gowa ya3lem allah.”