By Ingy El Attar

Ingy El Attar

1.Look for a job

Timothy Kaldas

Photo By: Timothy Kaldas


2. No matter where the job is look to rent in Zamalek.


3. Join a gym but end up at the pub

4. Go to Alex every weekend Go to Alex every other weekend Go to Alex every month Don’t go to Alex at all


5. People start to forget you are from Alex

6. You start to forget who you are

7. You look for your friends from Alex

8. You tell your old friends the one sentence you have always dreaded “i only like to come to Alex to eat fish and gelaty azza”

9. You go to Alex to discover you are a tourist but you don’t like that…

10. You start over from number 4

! و على راى المثل، من فات قديمه تا ه