Thanks to the Egyptian public’s intense fascination with A-List celebrity, it’s been getting harder than ever to find actors and actresses who are being obsessed of or even supported by the Egyptian crowd.

I asked a number of well-film and drama obsessed friends about  actresses who are extremely fascinating based on their dazzling roles, interesting lives or even their beauty and I came up with these 11 fine ladies who are going to surprise everyone this Ramadan 2016!




In Al-Ostoura

Al-Ostoura (The Legend)
Genre: Drama
Channel: MBC Masr
Storyline: A law school graduate, Ramadan, from a poor suburb in Cairo is trying to join the judiciary, but the bad reputation of his brother, an arms dealer, prevents him from reaching his dream.



In Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel
Genre: Drama, crime, mystery
Channels: Abu Dhabi Drama, CBC, OSN
Storyline: A murder occurs in the Grand Hotel where businessmen meet and talk. The victim is a female employee in the hotel whose brother decides to solve the mystery. Will he meet the same destiny as his sister when he is close to the truth?



In Waad and Layali El Helmeya 6

Waad (Promise)
Genre: Drama
Channel: MBC Masr
Storyline: Waad (Mai Ezz Eldein) gets involved in complicated relationships, facing dilemmas of making the right choice in life, in terms of relationships. Her destiny crosses with that of other characters around her.

Layali El-Helmeya 6 (El-Helmeya Nights 6)
Genre: Drama
Channels: Al-Nahar, Al-Hayat, LDC, Al-Sharjah TV
Storyline: The sixth part of a long series that was popular in the 1990s. The main theme in the series is following social and cultural changes in Egyptian society from the 1940s onward through the development of two families. The sixth part of the series focuses on what happened after 25 January Revolution in the two families.



Garimat Shaghaf

A younge man pursuing his social life and his work in the natural form , before being forced due to a specific circumstance that causes harm to many, to escape and get away from all the people, even his family , to become another man in another life.








In Banat Superman

Banat Superman (Superman Daughters)
Genre: Fantasy
Channel: MBC Masr
Storyline: Superman is visiting Egypt and meets with his dream girl in El-Haram Street. When he leaves, she discovers she is pregnant. Will she give birth to superboy or supergirl?



In Banat Superman



In Al-Mizan and Heba Regl El-Ghorab 3

Al-Mizan (The Balance)
Genre: Thriller, action
Channels: Al-Hayat, CBC, Sada Elbalad, Dream, El-Mehwar, OSN, Egyptian TV
Storyline: An idealistic female lawyer faces conflicting situations through her challenging career. Will she give up or will she continue defending her principles?

Heba Regl El-Ghorab 3 (Heba the Crow’s Leg 3)
Genre: Comedy
Storyline: In the third part of the series, the middle class young woman Heba falls in love with her boss. Her love affair leads her to many funny and complicated situations.


maxresdefault (1)

In Mamoun we Shoraka

Mamoun we Shoraka (Mamoun and his Partners)
Genre: Drama comedy
Channels: MBC1, MBC Masr
Storyline: Mamoun (Adel Imam) is a stingy man who deprives his family of everything, therefore they let him alone. Once they discover he is a billionaire, they start a mission to search for his hidden wealth.


maxresdefault (2)

In Sabaa’ Arwah

Sabaa’ Arwah (Seven Souls)
Genre: Drama Thriller Action
Channels: ONTV, Abu Dhabi
Storyline: A police officer arrests a powerful man accused of murdering a woman. The arrested man is sentenced to death. But what would happen to the police officer if the allegedly murdered woman is still alive?




In Afrah El-Qwba and Al-Tabbal and Grand Hotel

Afrah El-Qwba (Wedding Song)
Genre: Drama
Channels: Orbit Mosalsalat, MBC, Al-Nahar
Storyline: A theatrical group in the 1970s discover in a reading that the play they will perform is about their own lives and secrets. They refuse to take part in the play but the group leader insists, as his way to salvation. The actors find themselves on stage playing their own real life characters. The story is being told by Tahia Abdou (Mona Zaky), a young actress who joins the group in search of fame.

Al-Tabbal (The Drummer)
Genre: Drama
Channel: ONTV
Storyline: A drummer who is leading a folk band uses his art to climb the social ladder, be rich, and expand his social network.

11.Nadia Khairy 


The State of Mind (El-Keif)

Genre: Drama
Director: Mohamed Nukaly
Writer: Ahmed Mahmoud Abou Zeid
Starring: Rania Mallah, Ramzy Lehner, Mahmoud El-Bezawy, Rania Fathallah, Nour El Kadeiki
Channel: MBC Masr
Storyline: The series is an adaptation of a film with the same name produced in the 1980s. The story revolves around drugs tycoons and how they exploit society to gain wealth.

*Tara Emad  

Young actress Tara Emad confirmed that she will not participate in any dramatic action in next Ramadan, 
 she preferred to focus on the cinema. Tara participated in the starring roles of two films that will be showcased 
after Ramadan
"Hawa's Apple " with Sahar Al-Sayegh, while the second film, which awaits presentation is
" Al khorog an AL Nas," with Muhammad Negati and Randa Buhairi . . 

tara emad (3)