Heres our most essential hacks and tips for a tireless vacation, starting from your trip to the day you leave!

By: Nour Sakr

1.First thing you should do before you leave your house is changing your lock screen to your name, address and parents phone numbers in case you lost it or something happened to you (we hope not!)

You might need this link for android Change your lock screen to your owner information

And this link for iphone Change your lock screen to your owner information



incaseof2.Packing rule number one is always roll, never fold. It saves a lot of space and prevents wrinkles, easy to grab a shirt without a mess and definitely rolling makes it easier while you pack and unpack.

Heres how to roll your clothes 


3.Get an extra glasses case, its perfect for your chargers and cables, they won’t get lost or tangled.

How genius! Compact and secure and I always have extras laying around.


1458653324535stuff socks into shoes




4.If space is an issue, Stuff your stuff in your shoes,

underwear, swimwear, anything. . WE NEED SPACE!








5.Plastic waterproof bags are perfect for your beach essentials.


Don’t you guys love plastic!


6.Shoe bags are also the best to put your socks in and anything you want to separate from the rest of your clothes.

never too many shoes


7.PORTABLE CHARGERS! you’ll need one my friend,

trust me you don’t want your mom calling all the

ten of  your friends because your phone died.






8.Instead of Plastic bags wrap your shoes in shower caps.


9.If you are carrying a roller suitcase, always use the bottom for the heavier items.

You don’t want your luggage to be top heavy and tip over. I wish I knew this one years ago.



10.The Scented soap trick!yardley

Put squished scented soap between your dirty laundry to avoid your bag to smell bad.






11. Although I’m a junkie and I looovvvee fast food, but when i go on a vacation i have to save money for more fun stuff, so meal preparation is what saves most of my pocket money instead of spending money on eating out everyday!


12.Wrap anything breakable in your socks, socks are keepers 😉


13.For those who don’t know. .If you forgot your wall charger, plug your usb in your smart T.V (charges faster than normal).Google-Chromecast-Plugged-Into-TV

Backpacker Google Books




14.Use an empty Tic Tac bottle to protect your tooth brush.








Dior Incognito swatched

15.If you are a girl and you like nail polish, I tell you never wear dark or intense colors to a vacation, it will get cracked from the sand and the beach and you will end up removing it anyways, lighter colors never show any cracks.