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At least once through your lifetime in Egypt you did hit the brakes for an old man or a little kid for them to cross the streets, however you might never think about it as the easiest way to bring joy to people and to yourself.

MOBMaxian2009Verkehr28329Delaying just few seconds off your “valuable” time everyday might make a man’s day, not to be exaggerating, but I myself saw people tearing out of happiness and drowned the person who stopped for them to cross the streets with Millions of “Shokran, shokran, shokra shokr sho sh” that he couldn’t even take his breath, and the smiles on their faces are just priceless!


People’s feelings are very undermined, like have you ever thought how a certain person feels when he expects you to let him pass, you instead just flee almost taking his head on a road trip.

What if we decided to be neutral and thought about it the other way?

The person crossing the street wasting seconds of his “valuable time” waiting for you to stop, for him to cross the street safely!

It’s very selfish of us to treat people like it’s their faults they can’t find pavements to walk on or even want to cross the street in a place with no color signs for cars to stop.

pedestrians in CairoWe should teach ourselves that as much as we’d like to be treated like humans with feelings and ego, we need first to start treating other people like humans and hit our car brakes!


By: Nour Sakr