By: Hana Kotb

So let me explain my obsession with looking up how tall celebrities are. I’m 156 cm. Naturally, I’m always trying to prove to people that I’m not THAT short, by saying things like, “I’m totally taller than Ariana Grande!” And although Ariana looks petite on screen (she’s 152 cm), many other celebrities would surprise you. The camera might add 10 lbs, but it definitely adds many more centimeters!


  1. Emilia Clarke (AKA Mother of Dragons) is only 156 cm. She looks tiny next to her GoT co-star!1
  2. On the topic of GoT, Kit Harington (Jon Snow) is only 168 cm. He’s clearly shorter than Turner, not to mention 190 cm Gwendoline Christie!2
  3. Josh Hutcherson (Peta in Hunger Games) is 170 cm, shorter than his Hunger Games co-stars.3
  4. They shoot Tom Cruise from all sorts of angles to make him look taller, but in reality he’s 170 cm.4
  5. Anna Kendrick is a petite 156 cm, pictured here next to Justin Timberlake, her Trolls co-star.5
  6. Another one on the 156 cm team (woohoo!) is Nicki Minaj, pictured here next to Beyonce, who’s 170 cm.6
  7. There’s a reason why Lady Gaga wears crazy high heels! She’s 155cm!7
  8. Kristen Bell is also 155 cm, standing here next to her 188 cm husband, Dax Shepard.8
  9. Taylor Swift can make any guy look short! Bruno Mars is 165 cm.9
  10. Also 165 cm is Daniel Radcliffe (AKA Harry Potter).10