By: Pery El Etreby


1. Everyone is going through hell in their lives; so just because they make it seem as if they’re having the perfect life, doesn’t mean that they’re actually happy. Every person is fighting a battle on their own.



2. True friends don’t have to be those you’ve grown up with. As you grow up you’ll go apart from those you called “best friends forever”, and suddenly, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the real friends you’ve been always looking for. Friendship has nothing to do with how long you’ve known each other.

3. Family isn’t always blood; you can see siblings killing one another over money, a mother abandoning her kids, a father abusing his children. And sometimes total strangers can turn into more than family.





4.People don’t care about what you’re doing unless they want to intrude into your life one way or the other. So, don’t pay attention to what people will say and start doing what feels good for you instead.



5.A little part of you will always care or think about the first person you loved, although you might be over them and moved on long time ago..and that’s okay.40943-1_og


6.You’ll start losing many people in your 20s, and although it sucks, you have to learn how to deal with it, because usually, this loss is for your own benefit.


7.In your 20s, you’ll prioritize yourself over everything else. You’ll focus on YOU mainly, appreciating freedom at its fullest, trying to achieve your dreams and doing what it takes to be happy.


8.Watching your parents get older is one of the hardest things. You’ll start understanding them better, you’ll get closer and you might actually feel like you’ve just truly known them for the first time—and so do they.


9.Always keep your guard up, and expect anything from anyone, no matter how good/bad they are; people will always surprise you. That’s why you should never trust anyone but yourself.


10.It’s okay to not have your life fully figured out by now. If you keep changing your mind, if you haven’t found your passion yet, or if you keep jumping from one job to another, one faculty to the other, confused about your desires; that’s also fine. This is the right age for such spontaneous moves.


11.Follow your passion once you figure it out, even if it will cost you to change your path or life. Never say it’s too late, because you’ll regret not doing so later.

dish-042916-gigi-hadid-birthday_112.Just because it worked for them doesn’t mean it will work for you as well. Every person is different, so don’t follow anyone’s footsteps without your own personal calculations, and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get the same results.


13.There are always two sides to every story; NEVER EVER listen to only one side and make a conclusion.

3-gigi-hadid-has-a-model-birthday-party-471291890-fb14.You shouldn’t feel the need to explain your situation and decisions to others. You don’t owe anyone any justifications. Stop the urge to always seek their approval.


15.Eat right and exercise most of the time. Unfortunately, your metabolism only gets worse so take care of yourself.

Gigi-Hadid-in-boxing-ring16. Live in the moment, because you wouldn’t want to miss out on a single thing. Stop worrying about the future. 


17.Constantly try new things; travel alone and travel with friends, get out of your comfort zone and make the best out of your youth. This is how you’ll learn more about yourself and the world. This is how you’ll get closer to your passion and will complete the image of the life you want.

Gigi18.I’ve learned why we should appreciate those small but unexpectedly great moments. Those little gestures have great positive effect on our daily life.


19.It’s okay to be different..Actually, it’s AWESOME to be different. Don’t try hard to fit in with those who seem very far from who you are. Enjoy your uniqueness and value it; this is how you will succeed.



20.Save the money honey! You don’t know what you’ll need. And also finding a side job to help you raise more money would benefit you in many ways.


21.I’ve learnt to forgive myself and not beat myself up for my mistakes.


22.Although you’ve grown up, your responsibilities changed, and you became labeled as an “adult”, still you’re younger than you think. So, enjoy the normal flow of growing up instead of hating it, and accept the change.