It’s on! This is #ExpressThru’s fourth contribution.


Sometimes you have to stop and reconsider everything you do in your life in order to fulfill your destiny. Our lives are precious, so one must realize the purpose of one’s life, like it’s a game you’re playing to win without any compromises. Old habits imprison you in a circle where you get the same results and the same disappointments over and over again until you’re robbed of your stamina and zest for life. Don’t wait when it’s too late, and follow these four steps to getting the life you want.


1. Relax
You deserve a retreat, whether it’s a vacation or simply a new life routine, where you meet new people or reconnect with yourself through meditation. The point is to find relief and comfort before taking any drastic actions, like changing career fields.

2. Celebrate
Celebrate your newly found freedom and you taking the right step towards getting the life you want. Not many have the courage to do what you did, so celebrate with a night out with friends or a dinner party. Maybe you will be an inspiration for your friend’s and family’s freedom, as well.

3. Enjoy
Now you can enjoy your new life. Live it fully! It’s a new page and a fresh start. Be patient because habits take time to form.


4. Write Down Your Dreams
Life is a beautiful, never-ending journey, so document your goals and dreams helps you stay on the right track. Remember, stay true to your calling!