The new “it” trend for girls this past year is rocking a dress with a pair of comfortable sneakers—and we LOVE it! It’s an excuse to buy more Nikes and Stan Smiths in every color. But what about the guys? We tend to forget about them—being fashion dominant and all—but the truth is, suits on sneakers look just as good…that’s if you found the right pair.

Here are four ways you can rock a suit with sneakers, and still look classy!

From Flight to Appointment


Traveling today, meeting tomorrow? When dressing for an important meeting, the first thought is usually, brogues or Oxfords? However, especially if it’s a business trip, you might consider an appropriate sneaker-and-suit combination (unless you work in law or banking firms and formality is no joke). The key here is classic kicks such as Stan Smiths and fitted trousers. Comfortable yet stylish! DO NOT wear high tops! You’ll look like a rebellious executive with no respect to the meeting instead of looking like a professional businessman.

  The Creative Dresser


A simple yet unusual dark Paul Smith suit and a tie-free white shirt is the perfect combination for contemporary sneakers. The last thing you want to do with these sneakers is blend in, but it’s still an appropriate look.

 Sneaker Oxfords

If you’re all work all the time kinda guy, gitching leather shoes is a way to differentiate between socializing and networking. Patent Lanvin sneakers retain some of the elegance of a formal shoe, and can be dressed up in a refined and contemporary manner. Make sure your suit is mat, and. This J. Crew suit is casual and is free of business-like patterns such as pinstripes. The most important thing here is to opt for a mat suit. Wearing shiny suits on shiny shoes is just lame!

From Gym to Office


Time is a luxury for the modern professional. We brush our teeth in the shower and have breakfast while checking our e-mails. Finding time for the gym can be hard but is still a possibility if you make time for it. Until recently, Nikes like these would have been seen only in the gym, but more men are leaving them on post-work-out. This looks adds a youthful pop to the work look. Try to keep the suit slim and contemporary like this one from Calvin Klein, and keep your sneakers clean. You don’t want to turn into these men who gave up on life and wear old sports sneakers!