Let’s just come out and admit it: we only have Instagram accounts to get some fashion inspiration. This winter, if you’re looking for fashion and beauty ideas or sometimes even tutorials, look no further than these accounts ran by beautiful Arab women—in no specific ranking! They are all, in our opinion, the best of the best. More importantly, they feature outfits we can actually wear!



  1. @hudabeauty (16.2m followers)

Huda Kattan is a blogger turned business woman living in Dubai, and definitely one of the top beauty influencer on Instagram.

  1. @eljammi (117k followers)

Another blog from Dubai, Eljammi Gozalli covers beauty, lifestyle, and fashion.

  1. @hadiaghaleb (411k followers)

Founder of Ghaleb Production House, Hadia Ghaleb is one of Egypt’s most sought-after fashion social media personalities. The stylish self-confessed athlete and entrepreneur says that she believes in “wearing, seeing and capturing art,” as well as promoting healthy living.

  1. @jessicakahawaty (249k followers)

✨🌙 شو حلو المنظر My favourite spot…

A photo posted by Jessica Kahawaty جيسيكا قهواتي (@jessicakahawaty) on

Jessica Kahawaty has a background in high fashion modeling as well as pageantry (she was crowned runner-up at Miss World 2012). She basically gets to play dress up by the world’s hottest designers. But it’s not only her stunning looks and fashion sense that makes this account one to follow. The humor in her posts captured the hearts of many.

  1. @myfashdiary (104k followers)

Tala Samman, a Flywheel Dubai ambassador, is another Dubai-based fashionista and blogger, who covers everything from street style to travel. Tala, who’s a London College of Fashion graduate, is also a fitness fanatic, regularly posting her workouts.

  1. @thefierce_nay (143k followers)

CASUAL ❄️ http://liketk.it/2pYhS @liketoknow.it #liketkit

A photo posted by Nadya Hasan (@thefierce_nay) on

Nadya Hasan is a style blogger and traveler with a wardrobe we’re (let’s be honest) jealous of. This Emirati is proof you don’t need to show a lot of skin to look like a total knockout. She features looks ranging from casual street style to night-time glamour.

  1. @mrskeepa (79.7k followers)

We Come in 2 👭💥

A photo posted by M A R I A M Y E H I A (@mrskeepa) on

Marian Yehia, better known as Mrs. Keepa, is a French-Egyptian fashion designer based in (you guessed it) Dubai. She’s been recently dubbed the Hottest Mama on Earth when her picture on the hospital bed holding her newly born baby boy went viral.

  1. @satisfashionbysn (143k followers)

Noha Elsherbiny is an Egyptian lifestyle social-media influencer and mother of two. She also a co-owner and designer of Teela Designs.

  1. @ tamaraalgabbani (136k followers)

Tamara Al Gabbani is a savvy Saudi fashion designer and entrepreneur, who launched her label years ago. Her outfits, hair style and make up are simply #goals.

  1. @fashion_pirate(253k followers)

Let it snow 🌬 Snapchat: fashion_pirate #fromthecitytotheslopes

A photo posted by Zeynab El-helw زينب الحلو (@fashion_pirate) on


Zeynab El-helw has the ultimate street style wardrobe. Best of all, she regularly gives out giveaways!

  1. @karenwazenb (235k followers)

Mom of three under three, Karen Wazen Bakhazi is Okhtein’s brand ambassador. Karen is very family-oriented, regularly posting pictures of her son and two twin girls.

  1. @daliansouli (37.1k followers)

From #Beirut with ❤

A photo posted by Dalia Nsouli (@daliansouli) on

Dalia Nsouli describes herself as a fashionably lost banker—among other things! She’s also a co-buyer of Curio, a concept store that sources pieces from around the world in the will to make fashion and art gather in an evolving, carefully well thought-out retail space.

  1. @nataliesallaum (134k followers)

Good night💫

A photo posted by ناتالي سلوم Natalie Sallaum (@nataliesallaum) on

Natalie Sallaum is a Swiss-Lebanese blogger, who offers fashion and makeup inspiration as well as tutorials.

  1. @ nadineabdelaziz (297k followers)

Nadine Abdel Aziz is an ex-Miss Lebanon and reality TV star in LBC’s The Sisters, a Beirut-based reality show that is eerily similar to Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Although the show has been highly critized, no one can fault Nadine’s fashion sense!

  1. @aliceabdelaziz (338k followers) @fafiabdelaziz (277k followers)

Got my 👀 on you!! #ZAFUL 📸 @hasanhamedphotography

A photo posted by Alice Abdel Aziz (@aliceabdelaziz) on

Alice and Farah are the other Abdelaziz sisters, who are Lebanese-Romanian. The three sister also work with Vogue Italia. They have flawless make-up, long black hair and clothes straight off the catwalk, and happen to live in a sprawling villa, drive shiny cars, take dozens of selfies each day and thrive on social media. They’re just fun to follow!

16.  @aliaaelesseily

About last night #cartierDubaipolo #CartierAfterParty #CartierTropical 🌴

A photo posted by AliaaElesseily (Egyptian) (@aliaaelesseily) on

For style blogger Aliaa el esseily, luxury is simply a way of life. She has a deep appreciation for quality and style. Her approach to fashion can be described as a high-low mix of classic femininity elevated with modern touches, an aesthetic that is evident in her affinity for minimalist designs and statement accessories.