By: Jomana Aly

Egyptians are starting to take over Russia now that it’s World Cup season and we can’t help but pray they make us proud over there. But there are a few habits Egyptians just can’t get rid of and we feel like they’d definitely do at the stadium and the streets.

Leb w soudani: What’s a trip without sunflower seeds and a nice collection of nuts? These paper bags of salted goodness never leave Egyptians’ handbags, especially when you’re about to go watch a few matches in the stadium. Watch St. Petersburg’s streets get covered in leb leftovers over the next few days, maybe even turn into a snack trend or a business.

The Egyptian hands-free: You know what it is! Egyptian women can do ten things at the same time while talking on the phone; but you only have two hands so you gotta innovate. Just stick your phone in your scarf and voila!

The meme-full banners at the match: Egyptians hold banners and posters that only Egyptians would understand-whether it’s a twitter joke or a viral meme. Let’s not forget the Magdy Abd El Ghany curse! Snap. Post. Boom! It’s a trend.


The songs: Ah, the music. The tabla, the mahraganat, and the sha3by music. Not only Egyptian pop stars are starting to release football-themed anthems, but also more and more underground artists are posting music videos and songs that are full of creativity and enthusiasm for the next few matches.


The costumes: How many times have you seen guys in pharaoh costumes during an Egyptian match? Uncountable! Some go a bit overboard with the full body paint, but the pharaonic crown and belt are just pure classic.