1. Tamarin el Sabah


We may not know a lot of things, but we know no Olympic athlete ever got their head start by doing the morning routine we had to do when we were young. Did they actually thing doing a clapping routine would get us energized? The only thing we learned was that it was cool to keep on clapping after the Soba3eya was done.


  1. Anything in Home Economics AKA Tadbeer Manzely


I’m not really sure what the guys did during those classes, but us girls were taught how to sew a pillow, make our own carpet, and design a dress that looks like something straight out of an asylum. On the fun days, we would be taught how to cook pasta that tastes like sand mixed with your worst nightmare.






  1. History


The Egyptian educational system thinks you should memorize the exact day, month and year a former vice president attended his nephew’s wedding, instead of having a a comprehensive grasp about the greatest civilization in the world.









  1. Poems critique or Mazaher El Gamal


You could have learned the craft behind writing poetry, if you hadn’t been too busy memorizing Mazaher el Gamal by heart. We have no problem with analyzing poetry, but these things should never ever be memorized. They should be up to the student’s interpretation.

At least you’ll have “El tadaad yobrez el ma3na wa yoqaweeh” to take to your grave.



  1. How to properly salute your teacher


Do you know that you wasted half a year of your life by standing up saying ” wa 3alaykom el salam wa rahmat ollahy wa barakato” in the slowest possible monotone ever?


We might have made up that statistic though.

By: Reem Eid