With mosalsalat being a staple in Ramadan, it’s only natural that all the channels make the most money from commercials during this month! The channel TEN charges 20,000 to 30,000 LE per minute aired, Al Nahar channel offers a 7 million LE package for 200 advertisement slots, while Al-Hayat channel offers a 9 million LE package that includes 330 slots per 30-second commercial. These figures seem trivial next to CBC charges up to 40,000 LE per minute of commercials ad, and MBC Masr charges up to 60,000 LE per minute—making it the most expensive this Ramadan. 

With figures likes these, you can only wonder how good the commercials being aired would be. Fortunately, they are pretty good. We rounded up some of our favorites. In case you haven’t caught them yet on TV, here they are!


Vodafone has succeeded in getting us all nostalgic again! Their new Ramadan commercial features many Egyptian famous actors and singers. Among them are Sherine, Hakim, Samir Ghanem and Mahmoud El Esseily. One thing for sure is that this was one hella expensive commercial to produce!



Hands down the funniest commercial this year is Juhayna. These talking babies aren’t just super cute, they have become the topic of all our inside jokes. Watch it, and you’ll forget all about “El Dando”!

Can’t get enough of these cute munchkins? Watch this one, too!


Etisalat’s new campaign “Takhayal Bokra” puts a smile on our faces every time it comes on. But when we see it, we think of summertime rather than of Ramadan. Nevertheless, sometimes we need a little pick-me-up every now and then, and this commercial succeeds in doing just that.



Who doesn’t love parodies! Cottonil’s commercial features a clever parody we just loved, changing the words to Abdelhalim Hafiz’s song Sawa7.

Here’s another Cottonil commercial you should watch if you’re a fan!



Sending their first challenge vibes using  Cottonil’s slogan in their commercial, Dice made their first move towards Ramadan commercial competition, but in a more obvious almost kind of rude way to reach that point.  we are waiting for a strong back fire from Cottonil!