By Hana Kotb

1. Great Balls of Fire, Scotland

There is a tradition of marching through the streets on New Year’s Eve while swinging burning balls of fire around. That sounds safe, no? The tradition traces all the way back to the Vikings!


2. Red Underwear, Turkey

What better way to bring luck to your loved ones than by wearing red underneath your New Year’s party outfit? That makes sense, right?


3. Bear Dances, Romania

Romanians celebrates the New Year by wearing bear costumes and furs, and dancing from house to house. This is done to keep evil away!


4. Grape Eating, Spain

Spaniards attempt to stuff their mouths with 12 grapes all at once—one for each chime of the clock during the countdown to midnight!


5. Graveyard Camp, Chile

Citizens of Talca, Chile, like to celebrate the New Year in the company of their dead relatives. Thought to have begun when a family broke into the cemetery one year to be near their dead father. Now, the graveyards of Talca are open after late-night mass and thousands sit surrounded by candles while classical music plays.


6. Throwing Furniture, South Africa

Residents of Johannesburg, South Africa, throw old furniture out of their windows. Getting rid of unneeded clutter symbolizes a fresh start.


7. Plate Smashing, Denmark

The big New Year’s Eve tradition in Denmark involves smashing plates against your friends’ front doors. Basically, you’re very popular if you find a pile of broken plates on the doorstep at midnight. According to the tradition, this brings good luck. So the more smashed plates, the more you’ll get!


For more crazy New Year’s traditions, watch the video below: