1. Lighters


You see a pretty girl smoking a cigarette, so you walk up to her and ask, “Can I use your lighter?” She lights your cigarette, you introduce yourself, and you guys start talking. Isn’t this the smoothest, most subtle pick up line out there? But for us Egyptians, that’s not the case. We actually do always forget our lighters. Ladies, if a guys says, “Momken wala3a,” don’t read between the lines. He genuinely just wants a lighter. Because he forgot his. As usual.
2. Birthday Candles
It’s your best friend’s birthday. You pre-order a customized cake. You round up a group of your friends, and go to her favorite restaurant. You’ve thought of every little detail to make her feel special on her big day…everything but the candles. Why do we always forget the birthday candles? Seriously, they should start selling birthday candles in restaurants already!
3. Pens
I was that one girl in college with a pencil case. I don’t think I ever had a class without someone asking to “borrow” a pen. You’d think we’d remember getting the only two things you really need to have in college–a pen and a notebook. But no. We’re too cool to remember our pens.
4. Erasers
On the topic of school utensils, let’s discuss erasers. So usually, we take notes in pen, but then use pencils during exams because we’re too scared we’d mess up, especially if it’s something math related. And of course, we DO mess up, and then we need an eraser. There’s always this one eraser being passed out around the class. Thirty student in the section, and we all share ONE eraser. And god forbid, you ask for a “goma” in AUC. “Eda enty skandaraneya???” Yes. Yes, I am. Half the university is.
5. Chargers
I don’t think we forget them, but rather, we don’t think we’d need them. And then we use up our battery (too many Snap Chats, maybe?), and then we go around asking for one. This is where we have the Samsung/iPhone dilemma. Why can’t phone companies decide on one universal port?
6. Hair bands
Ah, yes. The hair band mystery. Girls buy a ton, and somehow, never have one. I think our issue is that we wear them on our wrists, then someone asks for it (it’s on this list for a reason) and you never see it again. Wherever they are, I hope all my hair bands are happy.
7. Gum
There’s a question mark on this one. Is that that Egyptians forget to buy gum or is it that they get the sudden cravings for gum when someone takes his/her gum out? Both ways, they’re placed by the cashier in every supermarket. You have no excuse to forget to buy gum!