None of that mambo-jumbo. Here’s what your dreams really mean—according to psychology experts!



586 Dream #1: You’re standing on a cliff… then suddenly you’re falling into nothingness.

 Dreams of falling relate to feeling out of control or overwhelmed. They may also be associated with feeling unsupported and insecure.









Dream #2: You lost your voice, and you’re unable to shout for help.

Most of the time when this occurs, it is not just a dream. It may be the result of sleep paralysis. During Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, the sleep cycle during in which we dream, our bodies experience a natural paralysis. Physiologically, we are paralyzed during REM sleep to prevent our bodies from moving while we dream. People who experience sleep paralysis usually wake up before the REM cycle is complete. This space between sleep and waking can be experienced as a dream. It can also be experienced in the waking state as being unable to move, talk, and in some extreme cases, breathe. So you think you’re dreaming, but you’re actually in the process of waking up.


Dream #3: You’re naked…in public.

This dream is often complemented by other emotions, such as embarrassment, shame, vulnerability,or overexposure, which describe how you feel. But in some instances, when you’re dreaming of yourself in the nude, and you feel no shame, then it is the complete opposite. You want to be seen, acknowledged, and admired.


Dream #4: All of a sudden, your teeth are falling out.2362

This represents anxiety. You’re probably experiencing some stress, which is coming through in the form of a dream. This common dream can also be linked to times of life changes and transitions.





Dream #5: You’re being chased.Untitled.jpg.01.

 It all depends on who is chasing you. Most of the time, it’s a monster. The monster may be anindication of an issue, an addiction or a debt. If you have this dream (or should we say nightmare?) of being chased by someone you actually know, then its different. Your views on the person chasing you say more than focusing on the actual person chasing you. Interestingly, seeing people you know in your dreams can be substitutions for other people in your live… or even for traits inourselves.




6565Dream #6: Something that actually happened in your day or the location where you’ve fallen asleep.

 This is an example of ‘Day Residue.’Often, what happened during the day is used in our dreams. We often create our dreams out of our thoughts and sights throughout the day.



 Dream #7:  You’re in a position of power51465

 Whether you’re a CEO, a king, or the President, dreaming of being in a position of power can be magnificent. Most people who dream of being in a powerful position are actually not in a position of power. This dream compensates for the feelings of being powerless in reality.

 Dream #8: You’re at an over-the-top elegant dinner party,sitting with a dead loved one, or in any other positive scenario that is impossible in reality


This kind of dream represents a need to add-on reality with fantasy. For instance, dreaming of a delicious banquet could simply mean you’ve slept hungry. Similarly, dreaming of a deceased family member simply means you miss them, and this is a way