By: Hana Kotb

Men are truly so hard to buy for. After a four year relationship followed by another fours years of marriage, I think it’s safe to say I have some experience, and according to my husband, I’m a decent gift-giver. So I’m here to help!


  • Apple Airpods

According to my husband, the best gift I’ve given him are AirPods—Apple’s game-changing wireless headphones—so I’m here to spread the word. One of my favorite features is the high-tech case, which starts charging your earbuds as soon as you slide them in.


  • Sneakers

Although some running shoes would be nice, I’m referring to lifestyle sneakers he can rock at work, college or just out with friends! How about some Nikes or New Balance? Also on my lt of favorites are Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, and if your budget permits, Gucci.


  • Apple Watch

Or a Fitbit! These help everyone maintain a healthy lifestyle. This fun but functional gadget will help him achieve his fitness goals in no time.


  • Wallet

Or even just a fancy card holder. These can get expensive, but there’s truly one for every budget, and your boo will understand if a Mont Blanc one is out of budget!


  • Laptop Bag


81+-YPon7DLMy husband LOVED this, even though it was an impulse buy while I was in a Calvin Klein outlet. The truth is, this is a guys version of a purse, and they use it A LOT, so no matter what they already own, a new one is always welcomed!


  • Gym Bag


On the topic of bags, if your man loves to workout (or if you’re trying to get him to workout) a new gym bag is just what he needs to be motivated.


  • Shaving Set Travel Kit


For the traveler, get a set that contains all the necessities (a razor, blades, shaving cream, and a post-shave balm) in a clean canvas pouch. Basically, he has no excuse anymore for tossing his razor into a wrinkled Ziploc bag. The organized kit will help him stay neat when he is on the go.


  • Video Game


Whether he’s into Fortnite, Call of Duty, Red Dead or FIFA, whether he’s a PS or an Xbox type of guy, he’ll love this gift. But a warning: he’ll turn into a couch potato and skip out on some date night!