10 tips for the Perfect 3ezouma: Ramadan is about gatherings. Sharing the laughs, the memories, the traditions and the outstanding amount of food with friends and family. We all get crazy trying to plan a nice gathering for our loved ones, forming the menu, deciding the quantity, fixing everything till the last minute,we just want it to be flawless. So here are 10 tips to have the perfect 3ezouma: 

  • Invite the right amount of people, not too many but enough for people to feel the joy of Ramadan gatherings.
  • Nothing extravagant: people just want to eat something GOOD. Better safe than sorry.
  • Do not turn on the TV unless everyone wants the same program.
  • Do not leave your guests to watch your TV series.
  • Don’t get Mango Kunafa, there is a 70% probability that all guests will bring one.
  • While cooking, or setting your menu, don’t trust your instincts when you’re hungry. Small quantities of everything will be more than enough.
  • Fill glasses of Karkade, TamrHendi, Kharoub, or whatever you like and put them on the table so your guests won’t have to get up while having Iftar, for a drink.
  • Prepare food that could be heated in the oven, it will help you minimize the efforts of running around the kitchen trying to heat everything just in time for Fetar through many different ways.
  • Prepare a Tea and Coffee tray with a boiler so it’s all ready when people want to drink after eating. Tea is a Blessing after Fetar
  • Prepare Prayer veils and mats earlier so people won’t be asking you for some every two minutes.