August 16, my plane touches down and the excitement has almost reached boiling point.
As a fairly typical Dutch girl who’s used to the comfort of home and the not so extreme weather conditions, stepping onto the tramac with the heat at my feet, hot wind in my hair and far too much luggage, the nervous excitement in the pit of my stomach was almost too much to bear.

I’d been pre-warned by all to expect a dramatic culture shock, naturally I had no idea what I was in for and couldn’t possibly have known until I experienced it for myself.

I’d expected Egyptians to be like one big family with their worlds set so far apart from ours, I was right in one way but so far from the truth in another. Right from the beginning everyone was so friendly and helpful, Egyptians welcome all with open arms and once they get to know you they treat you like you’re family, it made me not miss home so much.

From the moment I stepped foot in Dahab I loved it, it’s so peaceful and beautiful with such a relaxing atmosphere.
The one thing I and every other visitor to Dahab has adopted is “Dahab time”. Time does not play a large role in the day-to-day life of Dahab. In Europe it’s normal to be constantly checking the clock, our daily routine revolves around time and after all time is money, right?
I love the idea of not worrying about something, worlds apart here which seems so normal back home yet, worlds apart here.
After growing up in a large place it’s nice to experience the relaxation in Dahab. I now understand why so many holidaymakers come from big cities such as Cairo and Alexandria to escape the hectic lifestyles they lead; Dahab is the perfect retreat from the fast pace of city life.
My stay here is almost over and unfortunately I have to head home. But one thing is for sure.. I will come back, as this tiny village has a special place in my heart now; Dahab has become my home away from home.

And now I put my watch back on and return to the world of time and traffic.Hmmm! When can i come back?

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