It’s been eight decades since they first opened their doors to the public, and now, Abdel Rahim Koueider has announced the opening of their first branch in Alexandria—just in time to make our lives better! Opening soon in Smouha, Alexandria to redefine the dessert experience in our beloved city.

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AR Koueider has delicious, hot chocolate taps—both milk chocolate and white chocolate—that produce an everlasting flow of perfectly tempered chocolate. For their artisanal gelato, the taps are used to fill waffle cones with chocolate goodness, both inside and out for no extra charge. Their hand-crafted gelato is just 20LE a scoop, or 30LE for two scoops.

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We love Koueider’s innovative desserts, but we still prioritize the traditional treats that will forever make our mouths water. Koueider is synonymous with malbn eshta, and it’s a greatly underrated dessert. This one’s on the top of our list for a reason!

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The aroma of freshly baked croissants fill the store thanks to AR Koueider’s bakery oven, which also bakes bread for sandwiches made on the spot. You’ll know it’s breakfast time when you walk in their stores in the morning and smell the scent of freshly baked goods for the office buildings and banks in the area, as AR Koueider’s is their go-to breakfast spot. For the perfect fix to start your day the right way, complement your breakfast with a cup of freshly brewed Italian coffee.

Koueider is synonymous with oriental treats. Their basbousa, malbn eshta and konafa eshta have become Ramadan staples over the years. This year, their team of dessert masters created a new range of oriental products, specially for Ramadan. Indulge in an assortment of Turkish baklava, filled with pistachios or cream, better known as eyeoon el sultan, guaranteed to delight all your senses.

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Life is uncertain, so treat yourself. Have dessert first!