Akhlaquna is a campaign initiated and organized by Egypt’s former Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa, Sports Minister Khaled Abd El-Azeez, youth from all organizations, along with Amr Khaled helped organize the campaign aiming to restore the country’s ethics and lit up the Egyptian society’s moral virtues.

Our society is on the verge of completely losing it’s ethics through loud noises of the cities and rapid rates of our lives.

We teach our children that life is all about getting good grades, good job and having lots of power in order to survive.

You just have to reach this at any price.While we should have been teaching our children morals, knowing that they are the very first step towards society reform, thats when Akhlaquna campaign came on the right time to mend our faith and repair the society’s wrong values of life.

The campaign focuses on nine core principles: love, mercy, cooperation, initiative, empathy, simplicity, justice, tolerance, equality, and perfection. “

The idea behind the campaign is abstracted from a book called “Faith”, and “The Age” by Amr Khaled,Amr El Werdany, and Ali Gomaa.

Akhlaquna comes at a time when Egyptians really need to restore the real values of life, think and behave on a higher level of morality.


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SeeThru Team partaking at Akhlaquna campaign.