By: Hana Kotb

Ditching the conventional career rules, Amr Darwish decided that being a pharmacist isn’t enough for him and took on acting. “Why do I have to be one or the other?” He told us when we met up with him for an interview over coffee. “It’s not that I’m not giving one thing my all. It’s just that I don’t see a conflict.” Amr currently runs his own pharmacy as well as works for the multinational pharmaceutical company Novonordisk. However, he still manages to make time to pursue his passion: acting.


What made you want to pursue a career in acting?

I’ve always loved taking charge and being somewhat of a role model. For instance, in high school, I took the initiative of founding the Nozha Interact Club, which was a great experience for a teenager, getting to do community service projects and organizing charities as well as business conferences. I went on to Rotaract and was President. Until now, as a past president, I’m a very active member. In college, I was in the Student Union and even got to plan our graduation. All of these experiences helped me become a confident public speaker, which of course helps as an actor. Sure, not all actors are role models, but I aim to be one. Ahmed Helmy, for instance, is a great role model, and he’s my idol, along with Adel Emam.



What acting roles have you done so far?

I started my career as an actor in 2016. I got my first commercial job in February, followed by my first series role in October. I’m very proud of the Credit Agricole campaign I took part in, as well as a 57357 commercial that played two Ramadan’s in a row. I also appeared in Crystal’s commercial celebrating their 25th anniversary. I’m also on many billboards, which is great publicity, of course. Then, I got an acting role in Mohamed Sobhy’s play “Mefeesh Moshkela”. I played a police officer in “Haggar Gohanam”, in which I had the pleasure of acting alongside amazing actors and actresses, including Sherine Reda and Kinda Aloush. I played a successful businessman in “Hekayat Banat” and a doctor in “Abu El Arousa”. My latest two roles are my favorite. Last ramadan, I played the role of Nelly Karim’s brother in “Ekhtefaa” and a receptionist in Adel Emam’s show “Awalem Khefea”. In both shows, my scenes were with Nelly Karim and Adel Emam, respectively, which was just amazing.


What would you say is the highlight of your career so far?

Without a doubt, the highlight of my career is acting with Adel Emam. Even though I had just a few lines and it was just one scene, it was an honor. I remember preparing what I’d say when I first meet him, something along the lines of me being his biggest fan and that’s it’s a dream come true to get to play a scene with him. But when I saw him, I completely froze and didn’t say anything. Maybe others’ acting careers have taken off faster than mine, but I think it’s not something that happens over night, and I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished in the past two years.

What’s next for you?

I’ve take acting courses with Egypt’s top acting coaches Marwa Gabriel and Ahmed Tamman, but I’m not done studying acting yet. Next, I’d like to take a voice acting course. Right now, I’m working on a CIB campaign, and I’m eagerly awaiting casting season for next Ramadan’s shows!