Mystery Tomb Found in Alexandria

Egyptian archaeologists are preparing to open a huge black sarcophagus, found sealed and buried in Alexandria, Egypt. The box is almost three meters long...
Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin looked like the happiest of couples as they stepped out in NYC on Wednesday morning. They spent the night together at Bieber's hotel , and emerged just before Noon . They went to Starbucks together, and happily waved to the paparazzi. Hailey did however hide her engagement ring finger under her jacket sleeves, after flaunting a ring the night before .

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Sad Day For Beliebers

By: Sarah Waleed Justin Bieber is officially off the market girls! Last night Justin and Hailey Baldwin, Justin’s current girlfriend, were seen having...

The best or nothing: ANA Gala Dinner

Alexandria National Automotive (ANA), Authorized Dealer for Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars presented the new E-Cabriolet at an absolutely luxurious Gala...

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