Birell, Juhayna, Cottonil and Dice

Four commercials were taken down by the CPA (Consumer Protection Act Community). Some commercials were downright provocative. Others were borderline offensive. And some we think the CPA took it a little too far. After all, their purpose is to protect consumers from any pricing or trade wrongdoing—not to censor what we watch or not watch!


Making fun of certain personalities seems like a humorous, victim-less crime. We thought it was very funny (we have a sense of humor!), but then the ending came, where the arrow on the male symbol straightened as the voice over said, “Estargel!” Hmmm…


The CPA’s decision to take down this commercial circled around clear sexual references within script context. Another reason is that Juhayna is implying that bottled milk is better than breast-milk (did they? We just think it’s the next step, not a substitute!) The third reason is that Juhayna used children against the agreed guidelines mandated in Advertising Standards of 2005. …We’re sure Juhayna has these babies’ parents’ consent!



We thought this commercial was blameless. But you know the part where the lady wearing the yoga pants squats and the voiceover says, “Oh!” That simple word got this commercial banned! Wow…


On the topic of underwear, Dice’s commercial got banned for a number of reasons. The main reasons are based on the illicit promotion of infidelity and that picture of a woman in underwear at the end—although the filter on it makes it hardly visible. Another thing that raised some eyebrows was the part the lady clearly says “Cottonil,” even with the bleep censorship!

We understand and respect those who may have gotten offended by the references in these commercials, but we think it’s a mere misinterpretation of a joke. Or maybe this was the companies’ aim all along—to create a provocative commercial that creates a buzz. Getting them banned just helps them get noticed all the more! Don’t they say any publicity is good publicity?

What do you think? Comment bellow if you’re against or for the banning of these commercials!