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There are plenty of inspirational online fashion stores and Coterique is chosen for its clean design, creative ideas and distinguished products. While in a brick and mortar store the assistant helps people entering the store to decide what to buy, in the online world it’s completely different. 90% of visitors want to see great design paired with awesome products, easy-to-read info, attractive photos, the “it” brand ambassadors and so on. Coterique has it all!

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Coterique announced the launch of its new, redesigned website curating 350+ items from 31 designers representing 14 countries that include markets as diverse as South Korea, Egypt, Georgia & the Philippines. Today we live in an era where great design is not limited to capitals such as Paris, Milan, London & New York; its global.


Coterique is determined to bring underground designers to the world stage and eliminate the stress of logistics, payments & expensive marketing campaigns so that the designers have time to focus on what they do best; designing. 

The new site is also a game changer for shoppers worldwide; with the ever-growing need to stand out from the crowd, fashion-savvy clients across the world can now shop unique pieces which they may have otherwise never stumbled upon in their home towns. 


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Coterique added designer biographies for shoppers to explore their unique backgrounds as well as flag icons to illustrate the different countries they’re from. 


#CotiGirls An international clique of global ambassadors with unparalleled taste based in New York City, London, Cairo, Dubai – and that’s just for starters. An extension of the Coterique family, #CotiGirls are on-ground representatives scouting designers, attending events and styling and coordinating photoshoots. Using their new site, you’ll be able to browse and shop their favorite picks of the season as well as view how they’ve chosen to style the items giving you endless style inspiration. 

Coterique15Coterique3  Coterique1 Coterique Curated fashion for the Middle East

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They have also launched an exciting new campaign titled “Can you ( C ) it?”, where their clients and #CotiGirls have been creating content with their ( C ) monogram in their everyday lives and sharing it on their social media feeds.!


 Follow the #CotiGirls on snapchat (@CotiGirls) as they log in from all over the world and share the exciting events they’re attending and things they’re doing! Responsive design and global payments Lastly, news from our backend: The new website has been retrofitted to automatically adjust to desktop, mobile or tablet access.

Can you (C) it?