Okay, so we’re obsessed.


Sharmoofers just released a new single, and we can’t get enough of it. Zamba is a song that serves as a reminder to stop and smell the roses and not to let the munadities of life get you down. Basically, if you’re dreading summer being almost over and sahel season having come to an end, listen to Zamba, and you’ll feel like dancing to their funky beat in tribal wear with confetti all around (Well, we basically just described their music video right now!)


The message of the song’s lyrics is that every occasion is a party if you want it to be, a movement Sharmoofers are hoping to spark. Sharmoofers and Sary Hany are trying to spread positivity by urging people to be carefree and to make the best out of a bad situation.


The video clip features the band crashing an office in Smart Village and wreaking havoc by tossing papers and breaking keyboards. They transformed a boring work day into a full-blown party. Under the management of Carousel and in collaboration with musical production extraordinaire Sary Hany, the beats are guaranteed to put you in a carefree mood. And guess what? This is just the first step of their movement! Sharmoofers have big plans on how they’ll spread their carefree message. They’re going to being living a Zamba life a trend!   


Haven’t seen Zamba’s music video yet? Watch it now!