From one-on-one nutrition counseling, health Coaching to nutrition consultancy, super market tours and menu and Recipe development, we consider Fayrouz Youssef   Egypt’s No.1 Nutritionist.

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She’s Lipton Green Tea’s Brand Ambassador, a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and the creator of *byFayrouz* Health and Wellness Blog.Fayrouz, Lipton Brand Ambassador

Her health and wellness portfolio includes everything, literally everything!From one-on-one nutrition counseling, health Coaching, nutrition consultancy, super market tours, house visits, menu and Recipe development,to appearing in the nutrition girl’s kitchen and its greener on our side video series, Activia’s health expert of the month, appearing on TV programs, live cooking sessions, but also inspirational guest speaking and workshops, author in online and Print magazines, and a permanent guest speaker on Radio Hits 88.2 MorningShow, Fayrouz is definitely an energetic inspiring young woman! Our team was amazed by her performance during the live cooking event, and even more amazed by her story!

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A few years after completing her Bachelors she got pregnant and gained 30 kilos during the pregnancy- Yes, that happens to all of us, but Fayrouz changed her entire life and Started an Extraordinary Journey. At the time she felt that her horrible eating habits during her pregnancy that caused her to gain so much weight was the worst thing to happen to her. Like so many women, upon giving birth to her son, Fayrouz started to research healthier eating to lose the pregnancy weight. At this time, Fayrouz found out what’s her real passion in life….Nutrition!

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With all the nutrition and diet “do’s” and “dont’s” we are exposed to on a daily basis, it has become confusing and exhausting to understand what is actually good nutrition. Fayrouz has been there too! A dietitian in the making, she has three priorities in her approach: credibility, honesty, and clarity. Fayrouz’s mission is to simplify the concept of food and nutrition to help people live a happy healthy life. She hopes to shift the mindset of our nation from quick fix fad diets to healthy eating lifestyle to improve the quality of our lives.With Fayrouz you will definetlylearn how to eat more, diet less and still be in the best shape of your life.


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