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While everyone loves the holy month of Ramadan, most people liked it better when it didn’t come in the midst of the long hot summer days. And in a small city like Alexandria, with a limited number of places to go and things to do, Four Seasons Hotel does a great job at providing us with a wide variety of activities to keep our mornings busy and our nights tasty.

Busy Mornings-
  1. Fitness Center

If you can’t eat you might as well work out. It might not be our favorite thing to do but hitting the gym might be the healthiest and easiest way to pass time during the long foodless mornings.

  1. Squash

Need an energy-boost before Iftar? Call up a friend and head to the squash courts on the way to the indoor pool.

  1. Swimming Pool pool

Take your pick. A more private indoor pool surrounded with a calming atmosphere, or the outdoor pool with a breathtaking view, both of where you can get your mix of summer fun and workout of the day. 

  1. Spa  spa

Definitely not just a luxury to enjoy during Ramadan, the Four Seasons spa provides numerous soothing activities to enjoy while fasting.

  1. Beach

Go for a swim, spend some quality time with your family, catch up on some summer reading, or even get a little workout done in the garden.

 Tasty Nights-

When the clock strikes 7 and you’re getting ready to eat, there’s no better place to do it than in one of these 5.

  1. Fish

An open buffet, with the perfect mix of delicious foods to satisfy your hungry stomachs, and a panoramic view of the sunset by the beach.

  1. Fresca

Provides both an indoor and outdoor seating preference, where you can order your favorite meal; as well as the ideal place to enjoy your shisha afterwards.

  1. Bleu

The perfect place to hang out after you’ve eaten; enjoy the outdoor weather, with a cup of tea and shisha. 

9, 10. Kala and Byblos

Elegant all the while cozy with a scrumptious menu, creating the perfect place to have Iftar with your family.

By Hana Kira