By: Pery El Etreby

Egyptian kids are like no other, that’s why we were sure that their Mother’s Day celebration would be a bit different. We’ve asked 8 people about their gifts, how they celebrated the day and what were their moms’ reactions.. And here’s what we got..

“She woke up finding all of last night’s dishes cleaned up; she was SURPRISED, not realizing that it’s Mother’s Day. So, when I reminded her, she looked disappointed and told me “Tab kont tkamel gemeelak w trawa2 ottak bel mara.” I should have gotten her those leather boots instead; she wouldn’t have paid attention to my room then!”

“Honestly, I had a very tough week at work and I’ve realized that it’s Mother’s Day at 2:00 am; so I had no time to bring any gifts. I’ve decided to wake up at 6:00 before I head to work, just to organize the house – it was a mess – and to do the laundry. Too bad, it was my first time to use the washing machine and I didn’t know that in order to mix the colored and white clothes, I have to use a different detergent. Her favorite white shirt turned to pink; so no need to continue.”

“Mother’s Day is my alarm to slow down my life’s pace and to give some significant attention to my beloved mom. I’m not good with picking gifts, so I usually bring roses or chocolates; but I always make sure to spend the whole day – Once I finish work – with her; and this really makes her happy.”

“I asked my mom yesterday to help me in choosing her gift, but she insisted that she wants nothing. However, I kept on asking non-stop till she answered, and her answer was… To give her the menu of the week for what I want to eat and to stop telling her “Ay haga” whenever she asks me about what kind of food I want. Well, being a picky eater must have given her a hard time for the past 18 years!”

“No matter how special, expensive or unique the gift is, I never feel that my mom get impressed by any gift I get her. So, this year, I’ve decided to throw her a surprise party. I gathered my aunts, her best friends and their kids at our place and ordered her favorite food and desserts, while playing some of her favorite music. It was a group Mother’s Day celebration after all. Yep, finally this worked out!”

“I got her roses, with a gift card. But I also wanted to surprise her and make something special for her. I baked a cake with “I love you” on it. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the chance to see it as my 3 year old nephew decided to sneak to the kitchen, climb the chair, in order to find his way to the countertop and dig his face into the chocolate mousse.”

“My 7 year old sister got her a scarf and a card she has created at school. We made a deal that if she adds my name to the card, I’ll get her a happy meal and a Sundae. She got convinced at last.”

“21 March is my birthday. I always tell my mom that I’m her most precious gift, so no need for the expenses.”

What about you? How was your Mother’s Day? Comment below.