Over brunch, we sat with Designer and Stylist Alya Nassar to get to know her and everything that drove her to become who she is today. Alya studied fashion in the UAE branch of ESMOD Paris, located in Dubai. We simply asked her how it all began, and we must say, her answer impressed us. Her love for details led her to take pictures of anything she likes.
“It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place, and the imagination I take with my camera is the reality I want to see in all my coming collections,” she told us.
This love she has for details led her to a constant need of capturing anything that pleases her eyes. It’s about finding the beauty in the mediocre and capturing emotions through art. Alya was born and raised in Alexandria, and her devotion for fashion started at a very young age. Inspired by her mother, as always, who used to dress her up in her own impeccable style.
“I fell in love with fashion because of her, and she’s the reason I’ll never give up and always following my dreams,” she said. When asked about her muse, she didn’t hesitate before replying, “music!” Music is the background noise of her life, and a part of everything she does.
“It’s a full-body experience, from the places my mind wonders off to when my eyes are closed to the goosebumps I get when I listen to my favorite playlist!”