The legend Fouad El-Mohandes Turns 92!

You woke up today morning, drank your cup of coffee, and gulped down your breakfast while switching on your laptop only to find out that today’s not just a normal day… it’s Fouad El-Mohandes’s 92nd birthday!


If Google is celebrating it, so should you!

Google Foad Al Mohandes

Fouad was a living legend, and you can’t help but smiling whenever a film or act of his comes on TV. He was a stage and screen actor from the 1950s all the way to the early 2000s. Who would believe it’s been 10 years since the heartbreaking news of his death shocked the Egyptian cinematography. Fouad el-Mohandes died on 16 September 2006, ten days after his 82nd birthday.

Many of Fouad’s roles rendered a comic and distinctly Arab spin on famous Western movies and characters. For example, he played his most famous role as Mr. X, in reference to the 1957 American movie of the same name. He also depicted characters based on real-life figures. For instance, he played the role of Sayed Dillinger, which was based on the real life famous thief John Dillinger. Other characters he portrayed where inspired by Billy the Kid and Mussolini.


It may have been a decade since the silver screen legend has passed, but his legacy lives on. Many of his movies are broadcasted on Egyptian television. He took part in many movies, including the following in which he had important leading roles:

  • “Aelet Zizi” (Zizi’s Family)
  • “Akhtar Ragol fi el Aalam” (The Most Dangerous Man in the World)
  • X
  • “Eterafat Zoug” (Confessions of a Husband)
  • “El Ataba Gazaz”
  • “El Ard El Tayyeba” (The Good Earth)
  • “Khali Balak min Giranak” (Watch out for your neighbors)

In celebration of one of Egypt’s funniest actors to date, here’s a scene from one of our favorite plays, Sok 3ala Banatak!