Let’s be honest. No one likes going to the dentist. No one ever said, “I’m excited about my dental check up next week.” We know it’s important, and we go because we have to—not because we want to. But I must say, walking into Gouda Dental Clinic, I reconsidered my dentophobia. Everything about my experience was stress-free, from hassle-free parking in San Stefano Mall to the ravishing waiting area, where I didn’t wait long before meeting the founder, Dr. Selim Gouda. He took me on a quick tour of the clinic, where interesting artwork of Mohamed Salah, Princess Diana, Sophia Loren and Martin Scorsese hung in the hallways and examination rooms. I must say, I was impressed. 


Everything looks exquisite.

I’m glad you feel that way! I believe that to trust someone with your smile, you need to trust his taste in general. That’s why I aimed on making everything as aesthetically pleasing as possible. It’s an interpretation of my vision, which one can’t always put into words, so I need to show you that through my workspace.  

IMG_0283Why did you choose this specific theme and color scheme—white, gray, black and gold?

Everything about the design of the place has a purpose. We looked for a soothing and simple color scheme to emphasize how vital cleanliness is, and we chose a relatively open space with minimal edges to portray a simple yet modern look. Even the artwork hung around the clinic has a purpose as well. Your smile needs to be as beautiful as Sophia Loren, as legendary as Mohamed Salah, as royal as Princess Diana, and as passionate as Martin Scorsese is about his movies.


Why did you choose this location?

We appreciate patient convenience. San Stefano Mall is relatively close to most Alexandrians and parking is easily available. 

2642499_17082309510055610871Tell us more about yourself and the Gouda Dental Clinic Team.

While I studied in Egypt, I interned abroad every summer to receive a well-rounded, international perception of dentistry. After graduation, I moved to the UK to pursue a degree reciprocity, and then I moved to Frankfort, Germany, where I received a master’s degree in oral implantology, since I specialize in dental implants. Afterwards, I returned to Alexandria where I was a TA in Pharos University until I founded Gouda Dental Clinic. We have an exceptional team. Dr. Riham Soliman is the pediatrics dentist, Dr. Moemen Afifi is the orthodontist, Dr. Hassan Zeyad is the root canal specialist, and we also have a superb general practitioner Dr Rowan Essam.  


What can you tell us about your ideology?

Well when we come to talk about making smiles in particular, I believe that smiles aren’t standard. Smiles are extremely unique. They rely on so many factors and facial aspects, and they need to highlight the quality one loves in oneself, I usually ask my patients what they like most about their smile before asking them about what they don’t like, and it’s all about the small details, and through that i can get an idea about their personality, because a new smile should match the person’s character as well…  you don’t have to have a perfect smile, but you must have one that is healthy and that suits you. 


Let’s go behind the scenes. What’s the process you go through to place dental implants? 

Digital dentistry has drastically changed the dental industry in the past five years. Now, everything is done digitally—from impressions, to smile designing and fabricating the teeth itself. With dental implants, the industry has moved towards minimal invasive surgeries, providing less pain, less bleeding, and less trauma, in order to give the patients a safer, quicker and more predictable treatment. We use 3D X-rays, Oral Scanners and 3D printers to produce this technique. It’s an amazing time to be practicing dentistry, for me it’s a game of art, science and precision. 


The equipment look state-of-the-art. What can you tell me about the technology here?

Well, first we provide an extremely affordable servicethe same prices as most clinics in Alexandria—without compromising quality. We take pride in having the most sophisticated and advanced technology. Most of the stuff you see here come from high-end companies in Europe, especially from Germany. I personally think the Germans have taken dentistry to a whole new level when it comes to dental machineries and equipments. These new technologies make my job much more interesting, but one must always remind himself that great dentistry relies primarily on the dentist himself, the Equipment should only come as an aid to a well informed, skillful  and passionate dentist. 

IMG_2304How long does it take to do a complete makeover? 

It’s a very hard question to answer because we are basically treating 20 to 32 teeth that work together in harmony for cases like that. It all depends on the diagnoses of each tooth separately, and what is required to be done to each one. Usually, treatments are divided into phases, so sometimes we can do makeovers in just one week. Other times, it can take up to ten visits over a period of six weeks in total. It all depends on how complicated the case is.


What is the most difficult part of being a dentist? 

Well, I can say that it takes a lot of preparation and homework with every patient. There is a lot of planning and visualization going on after the patient leaves the clinic. For someone who is extremely devoted to his work, it sometimes gets very stressful, especially with all the small details with every patient. People must truly appreciate their dentists and the effort that they put behind the scenes!

San Stefano Towers, Tower 3, 4th floor, Corporates floor – Alexandria Egypt

(+2) 0122-988-9112

www. selimgouda.com