By: Nadine El Shawatfy

The Rock ’n’ roll-themed chain with over 191 locations worldwide, high-energy vibes, serving burgers and a bunch of American classics is back again and everyone’s should be thrilled about it!

The café has been bombarding the Egyptian streets with a ton of “coming soon” ads and flyers, making Egyptians very excited and impatiently waiting for a the opening dates and all the information.     

Hard Rock café is finally re-opening its branch in Cairo but in a different venue this time, the new branch will be in Citadel Plaza on the Nasr Road in front of Salah El-Din’s Citadel; instead of the old branch in the Hotel Grand Nile Tower, formerly known as Grand Hyatt Hotel that we’ve all missed as it has been closed for long time now,

This café is famously known for its American food, loud live music, merchandise ranging from cups to shirts and aesthetically pleasing views for our much deserving eyeballs. Consequently, everyone should look forward to this event so we can experience the Rock ’n’ roll   life once more after this long wait