Harry Styles has an uplifting mantra for us all on New Year’s Day: “Treat People With Kindness.”

The one and only glam-rock star Harry Styles dropped a surprise music video the first morning of 2021 for his song “Treat People with Kindness,” a statement he often repeats on merch and in social posts that should be everyone’s motivation for this fresh new chapter.

As fans previously predicted, the video also features a special costar: Fleabag star and creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who opens the video in what appears to be an office setting. Everything is shot in black and white with an old Hollywood theme, as though “TPWK” is the opener for a classic movie.

Phoebe, who’s wearing a white suit with sequin details, bids farewell to her boss and heads out, and soon we see Harry onstage in a sequined suit just like the one she’s wearing, paired with an argyle vest and bow tie.

From the old school microphone to the crowd before him, Harry seems to be performing in a vintage nightclub, and busts a few moves alongside his backup dancers as he sings.

Phoebe eventually descends the stairs and joins in, dancing on the floor as Harry jumps from table to table, making his way to her. The Fleabag star loses her jacket to reveal a matching argyle sweater vest, and the two hit the stage and perform together in a dance that reminds us of a classic Hollywood movie scene, with a bit more silliness and cheekiness thrown in.

Nothing is too perfectly choreographed, though Phoebe’s cartwheel is pretty impressive. The hashtag #TPWK, short for the song’s title, began trending shortly after Styles announced the news. The video is an ideal vision for 2021 — positive vibes, a little sparkle, and a message of love, acceptance, and kindness.