Long gone are the days of Harlem Shake, the viral video trend that swept the internet. Nowadays, it’s all about freezing in place. We present to you The Mannequin Challenge. As with all internet trends, its idea is pretty random, but fun all the while. The gist is that a group of people all seem stuck in time (not even a blink is allowed!) while a camera passes by them in one shot.

People often get creative with their poses. You can get caught mid –cheating nonan exam, mid-stealing. You can also get featured on our Instagram page. Just tag your mannequin challenge video with #SeeThruMannequinChallenge.

Here are some of the best out there:

1. The Original Beatle

Most of the Mannequin Challenge videos use the song Black Beatles by Rae Srummerd, and Paul McCartney saw it as a pun-worthy opportunity.

2. James Corden joined in on the action

The Late Late Show host posted a video of himself and his crew behind the scenes all frozen up. He captioned it “That James is a real crowd pleaser.”

3. What’s gravity anyway?

The famous viner, Zach King, may take home the prize for most impressive. In his video, he may have defied the rules of gravity. No biggie.

4. Manneq-OUCH.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashians welcomed their baby in their own epic way, by filming a Mannequin Challenge mid labor of course!

5. The Crossfit Edition

Pull ups are hard, but having to hold one for a whole minute? No thank you!

6. The Egyptian twist..

A group of Egyptians in New York celebrating the 2-0 Win last Sunday by posting their own Mannequin Challenge. Wala w 3amalooha el Regala indeed!

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