House of Select, one of the oldest names in fine jewelry making in Egypt, has launched a campaign titled “Midnight” that reflects a different side to jewelry than what we’re generally used to.

The campaign defies that long-standing and typical approach of the big jewelry names, depicting a mysterious and more alluring side to the pieces. House of Select is infusing a feminine flair with boldness through jewelry, adding a modern style, and making it appealing to all ages.

House of Select offers high quality, hand-finished, modern and genuine jewelry products, thereby inspiring women to express their individuality. All women have their individual stories to tell – a personal collection of special moments that makes them who they are; and this is the store’s point of success.


Elegant and a tad mischievous. #HouseOfSelect


188A4533188A4280House of Select was founded by Samy Abdou Youssef.

Egyptian Fine Jewelry Makers since 1923.
Select becomes a house synonymous with style while staying true to its heritage. Its exquisite collection of fashion jewelry elevates every woman’s wardrobe with craft and quality designs, capturing an eye for delicate color combinations, and a band of loyal and dedicated followers. “Time stands still. We love its neutrality and depth”; SeeThru remarks. The collection comes full circle with a sun motif that’s centered by colorful gemstones.

House of Select delicate and unfussy creations of gold rings, drop earrings, hand chains, and chokers incorporate tourmalines and sapphires. Not just for its aesthetic appeal, but also for its authentic Eastern vibes.

188A4379188A4456House of Select is one of the oldest and most prestigious jewelry houses. Their artistic influences stem from the royal ages, when they used to dress the royal family. Ever since, they serve and dress Egypt’s elites, becoming a style icon. Lately, they started modernizing their approach via collaborations with some of Egypt’s upcoming designers like, M Collection and Okhtein.

They know how to draw the line between modern and heritage styles. They combine best of both worlds; they cherish the designs of our ancestors, but also understand the current generation that is more into simplicity and minimalism. Since their creation they aim to adapt to all the diversified styles and trends by implementing them into their designs.

They believe that every woman chooses the piece that reflects her and speaks to her. To them their typical woman/customer is cultured and seeks elegance. To her, her valuable pieces are her heritage.


Sophisticated jewelry accentuated with diamonds and different tones of gold.
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Source: Maison Pyramide

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