In a country that lacks civilization, respect and order, you find it very hard to celebrate such a loving tender day that is supposed to be full of joy, love and serenity; especially, that Valentine’s this year is on a TUESDAY! (if you know what I mean). However, this doesn’t mean that your chance to celebrate Valentine’s is doomed! Don’t worry we’ve got your back this year. You no longer have to wait in line for a fancy dinner in a traditional restaurant, nor hate your life while being stuck in traffic to pick up your date in the middle of the RED CITY, where all red teddy bears, stuffed hearts and flowers will be surrounding you from each and every corner.

Here are some date ideas to save you from the hustle this year.

  1. Ditch the cinema and restaurants


Save your time and energy from the unbearable crowd, nothing beats a quiet movie night at home. Prepare your favorite movie, make some snacks, dim the lights and lose yourself in the perfect movie mood you designed for you and your loved one. Designing your own Valentine’s dinner and home decoration the way your partner loves it can be much more worthy than a normal dinner at a restaurant.


  1. Some adventure will harm nobody


I know that it’s February and that it’s freezing outside, but have you ever thought how crazy it would be to have a quick swim in this weather, followed by one of your favorite warm meals?


  1. Learn a new activity


Have you ever wanted to share his/her interests but didn’t know how? Well, it’s your time. Is he obsessed with riding motorcycles? Ask him to teach you. Is she a horse-woman and you’ve been always afraid of horses? Then, maybe you should give horse-riding another try. You will be surprised how fun this can get!


  1. Go to a concert


Got bored from all the regular romantic dinner dates? Boost your day by going to a nearby concert and let the music do its magic. More of the “party” type couple? Then hitting a club will be fun.


  1. Relive your first date


Your first date with your partner must be unforgettable. Going to the same places, walking through the same streets, and eating the same food will bring back so many happy memories.