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Kim Kardashian’s former bodyguard, Steven Stanuilis, has spoken out since the reality star was robbed at gun point on Sunday night. He admitted to Good Morning Britain that the traumatic event was “100% an inside job”.

kim-kardashian-robbedKim Kardashian was reportedly left “begging for her life” as five armed men disguised as police officers attacked her private apartment in Paris and stole “jewelry worth millions”.


“As the facts keep coming out, the more it’s 100% an inside job,” he stressed. “They went to this exclusive place, knew exactly where to go to find jewelry. Unfortunately, they only had one of two securities with them. But showing jewelry off on social media, it’s the perfect storm to get robbed,” Kim’s Former bodyguard explains. 

thumbnail_kim 161003-kim-kardashian-paris-02   opener-kim-kardashian-jewelry-robbery-parisWhat do you think? Was this an inside job or not?