No Eid is complete without kahk, the lightly spiced crumbly cookie stuffed with sweet surprises and buried under copious amounts of powdered sugar. Other than the return of my beloved cup of morning coffee, there’s nothing I associate with Eid more than the arrival of these cookies at my house. Families and friends have been gifting each other kahk since forever. So as you could imagine, it’s essential to know which stores sell the best!


Abdel Rahim Koueider 

A veteran in the land of sweet treats, AR Koueider is one of the best places in Egypt to turn to for your annual dose of kahk. They offer plain kahk, malban or agwa, all for 110 LE per kilo. They also offer other eid classics, like ghorayeba almonds for 140 LE per kilo, biscuits nashader for 106 LE per kilo, and a traditional petit four box for 120 LE. This year, Abdel Rahim Koueider is providing a “Eid Essentials” Box with the first day’s delights, tea and mugs!

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All the way from Damascus, Aboullaban sweets “since 1892” has arrived to Cairo and providing Eid treats we’ve never tried before. The remarkable thing is the high-end and world class quality of the packages and Kahk itself.



Nutopia has invented marvelous stuffed Kahk with Nutella, Lotus & Pistachio. We personally tried it and the taste is out of this world!k21k22


We’re already in love with this Frenchy brand and about every single detail about it. A must try and a valuable gift!


You can get All Eid Classics- Box 4.5 Kilos with a drawer worth 1200 L.Ek18Nolak1k2k3

The Four Fat Ladies 

Although TFFL is relatively new to the Ramadan and Eid scene, there kahks have not disappointed us! One word: heavenly.



Salé Sucré 

Boasting a wide range of kahk flavors, Salé Sucré offers plain, malban, dates and agameya kahk in various quantities: 400LE for an assortment weighing 1.3 kilos to 1,400LE for an assortment weighing 3.2 kilos. 


Thomas Pâtisserie 

A local favorite, Thomas never disappoints! Their kahk includes plain, walnut, pistachio, dates, and malban, all decently priced.


Cookie Man


One of the constants.

First one to introduce cookies to Alexandria!



Tseppas MG

Tseppas kept things simple with all the traditional basic flavors. But before you dive in, enjoy responsibly and remember, beach season is also just around the corner.


Madam Khashab

For the kahk that tastes most like home, Madam Khashab’s recipe brings us back to the good old days when our aunts met up and made kahk together.




Fresh Food Market




kahk master