Written and interviewed by: Hana Kotb

Professional basketball player Akram Elsobky played for the Alexandria Sporting Club until he moved to England to play for the Birmingham Knights. It was there where his passion for fitness and sports nutrition all started. Akram studied fitness and became a certified sport nutritionist and trainer by the International Sports Science Association as a specialist, but his original degree is in engineering. Now, he trains in Alexandria Sporting Club gym as well as in Barsha Gym, Dubai.

Client Transformation

Akram helped many people worldwide achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. He’s the nutritionist of the promising world ranked squash player Zeina Mickawy and Squash Top 10 World Champion Fares Eldessouky. And although he’s launching his own website for fitness programs and nutritional information, we got him to give the SeeThru team an exclusive. “When it comes to achieving your fitness and/or weight loss goals,” he told us, “I can narrow it down to 6 tips.”

Tip #1

Don’t rush! We all have that one friend that lost an insane amount weight fast. And more often than not, that same friend gains them all back—plus more. When you lose a lot of weight fast, you’d look pale and weak… and definitely not good. Sustainability is the key. Proper sustainable nutrition plus a sustainable workout routine will undoubtedly lead to a healthy lifestyle and an extremely good-looking image.

Tip #2

One size does NOT fit all! Make sure your workout and nutrition strategies are suited to your personal targets and to you in specific. We’re all built differently and have different goals, and in the fitness and nutrition field, one size definitely doesn’t fit all.

Tip #3

Build a solid foundation! Whether you’ve been working out regularly your entire life or you’re new to the workout life, make sure you master the basics. It will help you throughout your journey. What’s built strong won’t fall easily.


Tip #4

Wake up early! Start your day off early, and go to bed early, as well. A regular sleeping pattern does wonders to both your physical and mental health, and it’s when your body recovers. And when you wake up early, you’ll find yourself being very efficient.   

Tip #5

Surround yourself with positivity! The people you surround yourself  with is vital. It’s motivational to surround yourself with people with the same target and goals. “Nine years ago, I was that skinny, tall guy at the gym barely lifting empty barbells. But I had two friends that would hit the gym with me, and did it all the difference. We skipped out on hangouts to workout. We ate clean while our friends would eat pizza. They pushed me beyond my limits, and they were a lot more in shape than I was,” Akram told us, “And guess what ? Now, I’m their online trainer!”

Now, Akram regularly works out with his best friends Maysara El Naggar, the African Judo champ as well as with Ahmed Moheeb and Ezz Farid, basketball players on the Egyptian national team.

Tip #6

Workout your mind! Make sure you make the time to workout your mind—not only your muscles! Your body achieves what your mind believes. So if you think you’re weak or overweight or unfit, you will be.