If you haven’t appeared on Rob’s Flickr stream, you’re a nobody. Most celebrities aren’t easy to reach. They don’t hang around with ‘average’ people, but for this guy, they make an exception. Meet Robert Van Impe, also known as Average Rob, a self-described ‘mediocre dude’ from Belgium who happens to be anything but mediocre at Photoshop.
The funny guy is a digital marketing guru and he completed his Masters in Advertising and Marketing from Coventry University. Rob is also a columnist for  Humo Comedy M<agazine, Belgium. He released a wave of hilarious ‘encounters’ with celebrities on the Internet, and they look just convincing enough to be real. He has a lot of previous stunts, including falling asleep next to famous people and revealing himself as Barack Obama’s secret Best Friend!celebrity-pic-photobomp-photoshop-average-rob-1-59cded03542ad__880celebrity-pic-photobomp-photoshop-average-rob-6-59cded093b636__880Barack Obama


Brad Pitt and Angelina Juliecelebrity-pic-photobomp-photoshop-average-rob-16-59cded1d08b1e__880


David Beckhamcelebrity-pic-photobomp-photoshop-average-rob-34-59cded4cb9656__880

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West celebrity-pic-photobomp-photoshop-average-rob-35-59cded4fa73c1__880
Selena Gomez