Destination of Perfection


Mohamed Al Sagheer Team

With Al Sagheer sign shining bright, it was a night to remember. To anyone that attended, myself included, it definitely set high standards. All the way from the posh entrance set with high tables on a perfectly lit garden to the warm welcomes handed out to every guest. Undoubtedly a successful event to what is arguably the best beauty salon in Alexandria and we expected nothing less from Mohamed Al Sagheer himself; having been recognized as one of the “Top 50” hairstyles worldwide and with 20 salons across Egypt.

picThis Mohamed Al Sagheer branch located on Alex-Cairo Desert Road, designed by Eng. Khaled Tahoun, one of Egypt’s most prominent architects; is a three floor beauty salon and spa that offers you everything and anything you need to pamper yourself, with an exceptional staff you can get you hair done, get a facial or a massage (recommended by me), a special Moroccan bath (hammam maghreby) in a specially designed room, a manicure or a pedicure, bridal offers, accommodations for the veiled as well as gentlemen grooming. You can also find a wide variety of hair products on display that are for sale along with some accessories that are bound to leave you longing. In other words just ask for it and Al Sagheer will not disappoint. Make time and go check them out, I guarantee every man feeling a little bit more handsome and women feeling a little bit more like a princess.

As stated on their site Mohamed Al Sagheer once said, “It was very demanding trying to alter people’s attitudes and perceptions of what a hairdresser was, but I was adamant to bring about the change that the country needed.” It is safe to say he has done more than just that, Mohamed Al Sagheer definitely does not aialm low and has in my opinion succeeded at serving us Alexandrians with just what we were looking for.picc