1)Norine Farah, as one of the Egyptian designers who actually made it!
What were your first steps?
Thank you very much for the compliment. I woke up one day and decide to turn my painting studio into an atelier and quit my job. That’s about it!
2) When did you start your own clothing line, and who pushed you to this huge step?
I pushed myself but I’m very fortunate to have a very supporting family who believe in me as a person.
3) Have you ever considered specializing any of your up coming collections to present a certain Egyptian era?
I would love to at some point of course. I did incorporate an Egyptian essence using styling methods in my last collection: The Oasis, but of course at some point I would love to do a fully Egyptian inspired collection.
4) Your designs are known for their feminine and artistic features.
What are your inspirations?
I get inspired by a certain fabric, color, or pattern.
5) What is the most challenging part of your job?
 Being able to maintain a certain quality that I pride myself for having.
6) Do you rather express your feelings through your designs or catch up with latest trends and apply them?
I design what I feel. I try my best not to follow.

edit-77) How do you feel about being chosen by Davidoff to be their designer for the brand’s hostesses?
I was very honored that I was chosen since it was my very first big account to handle. They believed in my abilities and so the results were outstanding.
8) What was your main theme back there at Cairo Fashion Festival III?
The whole collection had a very
winters sultry feel. With a lot of velvet, the clothes felt very discretely sexy.
2S4B32299) Speaking of Cairo Festival III, which dress of yours caught more eyes of all?
The one shoulder burgundy long dress. That was my hit.
10) As a designer who looks for the best for their designs final presentations, do you prefer curvy or skinny models?
Honestly that would depend on the collection and garments present. Some clothes suit preferably thinner models and some clothes are more beautiful on curvier models. So it all depends on the clothes and direction of the shoot.
11) Tell us briefly about your bridal wear?
I work with a lot of brides. My main aim is to make them feel as beautiful on their special day as possible.
12) Swimsuits! Brilliant idea, how did it pop up?
 Swimsuits have been on my mind since day one. This summer I aimed to experiment the idea and to my surprise women loved it!
13) What were your preparations to FW16th collection at Tiffany’s New York fashion week contest?
I woke up one day and decided why not! I already had a fabric inspiration ready for winter and so I started working on a collection, had it ready, and was off to New York!
14) A word of advice for anyone who wants to break it through the fashion design industry?
Be patient. If you have the talent it will come.