Egyptian squash player Nour El-Tayeb has announced her retirement from the sport after being pregnant.

The squash player made her announcement in an emotional video on her Instagram page, “I’ve never done anything but squash. For the past ten years I’ve been dreaming of becoming world number one and becoming world champion.

“I’ve come close to becoming world champion, losing in the final. I think ten years ago I had my first big win, my first top four wins so for 10 years I believed I could and actually thought I was going do it.

“I worked hard and dreamed about it everyday so it’s not a disappointment but I genuinely thought I was going to make it to world n.1 before I retire.”

Nour El-Tayeb has been one of Egypt’s top squash players for years and she made history after she and her husband, Ali Farag, became the first married couple to win the same sports title the same day in the U.S. Open back in 2017.

-By: Jomana Aly