Alexandria’s new top-notch supermarket, Odd’s Mart, has just opened in Kafr Abdo. Organic fruits, fresh vegetables and succulent meats from Jojo’s Ranch are stocked in a shelf at the supermarket, waiting for you to bring them home. 

The supermarket also has a wide range of dairy products, pasta and confectionary items. Featuring a great selection of imported products and ingredients along with full-fledged meals, Odd’s Mart is the perfect place to purchase a very high quality of produce.

It promises “family-friendly, convenient shopping” and is home to Doza, our new favorite espresso go-to destination. There’s a deli with fresh salads, rotisserie chicken, bakery items and more. The beauty department even has exclusive Sephora products; something we could say is quite “odd” to Alexandrians!

Top off your Odd’s grocery-shopping trip with some ingredients from imported goods section and you’ll have the makings of a pricy home-cooked gourmet meal. If, perhaps, you’re not an aspiring chef, but a lazy gourmand, you can stock up on ready-made goods from the deli.