By: Sarah Arafat

Every year the Oscars social media buzz begins from the moment the Academy announces its nominations and ends days after the award show itself. All anyone’s talking about is the Oscar movies, moments, dresses and scandals *cough*saying the wrong movie*cough*. To make sure you’re not left out on any of these conversations we’ve made you an Oscar checklist and you have exactly a month to catch up, so you’ll have to put a pause on Netflix for a bit.

❏ Roma; with 10 nominations, this must watch is an exception because it’s actually on Netflix.

❏ The Favourite; another film with 10 Oscar nods. (And Emma Stone’s stunning face)

❏ Bohemian Rhapsody; a film that combines Rami Malek and Queen, what’s not to like?

❏ A Star is Born; if you haven’t seen this already what are you doing, seriously.

❏ Black Panther; even if you’re not in to Marvel you can’t just be the person who hasn’t seen Black Panther.

❏ BlacKkKlansman; a movie with a message and exquisite cinematography, the best of both worlds.

❏ Green Book; incredible performances, anyone would enjoy watching this.

❏ Vice; it’s always fun watching Christian Bale drastically transform right in front of our eyes.

❏ An Eternity’s Gate; a exceptional look in to Vincent van Gogh’s life, art lovers will swoon.

❏ Can You Ever Forgive Me?; Melissa McCarthy really embodied her cat-lady role and we loved it.

❏ If Beale Street Could Talk; this gorgeous film will leave you all touchy-feely, thank you Barry Jenkins.