By: Sarah Arafat

As Ramadan starts we begin to look forward to a lot of things, there’s the Konafa, the Mosalsalat, but nothing beats the anticipation for the Ramadan ads. We’ve put together a list of the 7 ads that don’t make us cringe as they come on TV for the 700thtime.

7) FLO Water

This one is so heart touching! FLO is donating 20% of its profit from the box of 1.25 Litre bottles to the Zayee Zayyak Organization for Disability Social Inclusion Awareness & Advocacy. Marketing skills on point.


Resala’s campaign for clothes donations is so cute! We love the singing clothing items on the rack. Cute, catchy and one of a kind.



This ad is hilariously relatable, creative and different. We love that they stuck to the characters from last years’ ad, without actually being the exact same ad as last years’ (*cough* EG Bank).


We love how heartwarming this ad is. The song is nice and catchy and the young kids singing wasn’t used as a tacky way for collecting donations, it was perfectly sweet and simple. This ad probably touched us the most this Ramadan.

3)  WE Telecom Egypt

This ad probably inspired the most memes, which in the world of advertisements just gives it more winning points. By far the catchiest ad this Ramadan, not just lyrically but the weird hand gesture is catchy too, and we don’t mind one bit.


It isn’t Ramadan without an ad that makes us die with laughter, and this year that award goes to Garhy Steel. This ad is hilarious, construction workers hoola-hooping, Jacuzzi-ing in tractor loaders and having an overall blast it really doesn’t get funnier than this.


The only thing better than seeing our National Team’s defenders in an ad, is seeing them alongside Yasmin Sabry. Vodafone came out with another musical ad this year and it’s bursting with star power. The funny and sweet atmosphere won us over. Also, did we mention that Yasmin Sabry’s in it?