It’s everywhere! These days, our social media feed is all about the revolutionary “Pokemon GO” game. Available for iOS and Android, it has quickly become a top-selling app, crashed servers, and saved Nintendo. People are obsessed with the how they gotta, gotta, gotta catch ’em all. So, what’s all the fuss about?
Here’s how it works.

Once you’ve downloaded the application, customize your trainer and choose a starter Pokemon (Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle), and then you’ll be ready to begin. Here’s the cool part. This game merges real life with the game in a way we haven’t seen before. Using your phone’s GPS and camera, the game takes your surroundings and transforms them into a game board.
The map-like interface will show your avatar navigating a map, searching for Pokemon creatures in the wild. In reality, you need to keep walking around, checking and re-checking your screen until a Pokemon appears. Once one appears, you have to (yup, you guessed it) catch it.

Although this game is A LOT of fun, it’s a little tricky at first to catch the Pokemon. Here are some tips to improve your gaming technique…
— If you see rustling grass on the map, it’s not the wind. There is a Pokemon probably hiding inside.
— Pokemons you’re trying to catch have footprints under its picture. One footprint means it very close, two means it’s somewhat close, and three means it’s further away.
— When you attempt to catch a Pokemon, the game factors in your throwing style and what kind of Poke Ball you use as well as other things. So try different methods, and choose cleverly!
— When you see a ring inside the circle, throw the Poke Ball when it is at its smallest.
— Having trouble getting near a Pokemon? Use incense; it draws Pokemon toward you for 30 minutes.

But watch out…

Pokemon GO is a game that is no fun to play in your living room. Having to play it out in the real world means if the game tells you to walk across the street, you don’t just walk down the street! If there’s a Sandshrew in someone’s private property, don’t just trespass!

Don’t catch and drive!

maxresdefault (5)image1 (2)

…and don’t chase them at work either!!

image1 (1)


Be careful and enjoy catching’em all!

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