Royal Ceramica’s new campaign is taking Egypt by storm!

It’s latest commercial has gone viral with almost half a million views (watch it below!) Inspired by nature, the 2-cm tile demonstrates a spectacular combination of premium stoneware materials, creating a well-structured porcelain tile that is lavished in diverse earthen colors and textures.

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It invokes a brilliant sensation of significance and meticulousness due to its unique architectural characteristics.



Thanks to the unearthly and inventive appearance, the 2-cm tile is the paramount choice for homes, villas, hotels, factories and any projects—both indoor and outdoor.


What we love about their campaign is that it thinks outside the box, giving shout outs to all the different users of the product—including home owners, interior designers, engineers, hotel owners, compound resident and owners. It satisfies all their different needs, fulfilling all the vital criteria. It may be used either indoor or outdoor, on both walls and floors, and may work for even factories and warehouses. It can support over a ton, resistant to thermal shock, and is frost and fire proof. The easy to install non-slip tile is also anti acid, with no adhesive, may be used on raised floor, and can even be reused. With a 2-cm thickness, it’s the strongest tile in Egypt.

If you haven’t watched their latest commercial yet, watch it here: