By: Hana Kotb

Sources revealed that Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the General Authority for Sport in Saudi Arabia, purchased Al-Assiouti club and changed its name to FC Al Ahram club, with Hossam Al-Badri as president of this club.

Al-Badri left Al-Ahly last May after losing the second round of the African Champions League group stage.

But Al-Sheikh is not just an oil-rich Saudi billionaire who just want to buy a football team. He has big plans for FC Al Ahram. It’s rumored that he is planning on buying international players to make the team stronger. Some may even go as far as saying the club will be as good if not better than Al-Ahly and Al-Zamalek clubs.

So do we, Egyptians, have something to fear by this Saudi takeover? Americans have taken over Manchester United and Brits had nothing to fear so we shouldn’t either. As long as the football decisions are left to the football people we should be fine.